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Our Beginning

Craig with his Canine Pal, Oatmeal

Craig with his Canine Pal, Oatmeal

Audio Renaissance was founded in late 2009 and officially opened for business in January 2010. With the resurgence of Vinyl LP Records in the home, the timing could not have been better. Owner Craig Sypnier desired a shop where customers can come in, relax, discuss any and all things audio, but mostly to JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC! He is here to offer people purchase (or upgrade path) advice and guidance based on several decades of personal experience with this wonderful hobby.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent”

Victor Hugo


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* RAXPO17 is coming on September 30- Stay tuned for more details! 

* I had a problem with a thumb drive recently that wiped out my A/R customer email list :(  If you are reading this and WANT to be included on the new email list, send me your contact information and you will be added- Thank You!

* a new, larger LP record rack has been installed at the shop and I now have only ONE older homemade rack available for purchase. This unit holds about 500 LP's and is being offered at $35.00- Get your records off the floor now!

Audio Renaissance caters to the "Two-Channel'" home audio enthusiast!

Our new address is 333 Metro Park, Suite
N-105 (North Bay)  Rochester, NY 14623
near Monroe Community College (MCC).

We now have two sound rooms of gear for your listening enjoyment and feature an extensive lineup of both new and pre-owned turntables (with warranty) for sale. We also repair, refurbish, modify & upgrade turntables, too! Personal consultation and advice are always available to help you get the most out of your system.  An Ultrasonic LP record cleaning service is available to customers as well. 

Audio Renaissance is currently featuring David Belles' newest integrated amplifier (the ARIA) and Eminent Technology's floor standing loudspeaker (the LFT-8b) on display in Sound Room 1. These two components are both taking the entire audio world by storm here and abroad- Come in today and give them a listen to hear why!

We proudly represent the following products:

...And Much More!