How Ernie Prince made it to Heaven

This story is my personal (& slightly warped) homage to the Patriarch of our family, who quietly left us recently after an honorable life well lived. It's mostly fact (with a small bit of fiction to make things interesting!).  NONE of the names were changed as everyone here is innocent.

Please Enjoy.

It was about a month ago when God called His only Son, Jesus, into Heaven's corporate office suite. God was becoming concerned that His Son was working very hard in making preparations for all the saints who would occupy the New Heaven and Earth in the future. He did note that Jesus was falling a bit behind in preparing these places for everyone (along with His many other responsibilities). God (in His infinite wisdom!) decided that His Son could use some help. 

God told Jesus, "Son, with all of your responsibilities I think we could use a new man in Heaven to take some of the load off of your shoulders. I have a very firm idea of the person we need on our team, and I will describe him to you. First, this new man should be good with growing fruits and vegetables. There will be trillions of people to feed and this is a necessary requirement. Planting, tending and harvesting crops should be paramount among his abilities, as well as being able to "can" (or jar up) the many varieties of crops for later usage and storage.

Second, the man we need should be well versed in using his hands to build and repair things. I'm thinking, especially, he will need to possess top-flight woodworking skills (as befitting the King of Kings, of course). We are going to have a lot of people who'll need furniture in their dwellings of all kinds; Tables, chairs, dressers- even plenty of ruggedly-built toys for all the kids! This person should be able to make ONLY the highest quality items with no supervision needed. He will need to be very creative and his work should show both pride and care in all of the many things he makes for the Kingdom. 

Third, and MOST importantly of all, he will spend much of his time with the Children of Heaven. We need this man to be excellent and caring for the youngest people among us at all times. I'm thinking of someone who really enjoys reading to, encouraging and playing with kids. I'll provide him with an endless array of books to read AND a top of the line LA-Z-BOY recliner(!) so children can sit in his lap (if desired) while he's reading stories to them. The person we select needs to have a sterling reputation, character above reproach and a caring heart, foremost, for both Myself and you, My Son. He will be employed by the Most High God and nothing but the finest people serving for us will ever do. 

So, a search was carried out throughout all of the Earth to find just such a person as God had commanded. After a time, a large dossier with many names was presented and God, Himself, spent many evenings alone in the office going over these many people and their qualifications. One particular person quickly rose to the top of the list- Ernie Prince, who lived in New York State, USA. God commanded His Angels to bring Ernie to Heaven so He, Himself, could interview him. In the wee small hours of May 12, 2017, His Angels did just that. 

God was most impressed by this humble yet gentle man before him- In many ways God was reminded of people like Moses, Job and David's son Solomon while He spoke to him. He said to Ernie, "You have lived a good life and honored both Me and My Son in all the things you have done. You have always showed a hunger of things beyond yourself and striving to always put others before you. You got married, raised a God-fearing family and always showered them with love. Your kids got married themselves and have followed closely in your footsteps by raising good families of their own. You are well respected in your community. You have both a passion and zeal for always doing right by others. However, you are now 94 years of age and I know things have not been easy for some time regarding your health. It is My belief that you have "run your race" in life on Earth and it's now time for you to come Home. I would like you to do just this thing today. I have many tasks in mind especially for a man like you to do. Your family loves you very much and has the highest respect for you. You will be sorely missed by all who know you once you leave- I will help to comfort them with your loss. Know that you will be working directly for Me in all the things I will assign to you and that, today, you will be here with Me in Paradise. Give this some thought now and tell me what you want to do". 

God left Ernie alone in His office for a time so he could think over God's very gracious offer. After looking out the windows at all the Splendor of Heaven he realized, as painful as it will be to leave everyone he knows behind, that the time to say goodbye to his life on Earth had indeed come. There were many benefits to consider: He would be made whole and young again in the twinkling of an eye. There would be no more pain or tears. He could spend all eternity doing the very things closest to his own heart for God. 

It turned out to be a rather easy decision for him to make in the end.

So, sometime around 6 AM on May 12, 2017, Ernie Prince passed away peacefully in his sleep, took the Last Train Home and left Earth for the final time. He was going to Heaven to remain forever with God, Himself! We should all be overjoyed that Ernie, indeed, made it Home At Last! 

May you always be dancing each day forevermore...   :)